In 1984 Todd found his next passion, road cycling. He quickly earned a Category 2 road-racing license and over a 5 year time span competed against professional, Olympic and national team cyclists from all over the world. 1990, he decided the career of an artist was a wiser choice so he moved to Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon to study art, ride bikes and downhill ski for the first time.


1991, Todd moved back to Los Angeles to make art and prototype a set of roller ski's (ski's with wheels). Soon after, he invented his 3-wheel Mountain Ski was and a few years later his electric Trail Ski. The next year he invented another light electric vehicle (LEV) he called an "Electric Chariot", which later became known as a Land Glider.


2000, Todd moved into the CALSTART electric vehicle consortium in Camarillo, California, and designed a line of light electric vehicles that was later funded by the LADWP (2001-2006). With some much needed partnering help from a Hawaiin EV company, they successfully demonstrated globally that depleted LEV batteries could be exchanged for freshly recharged ones in 30 seconds or less at battery exchange stations located throughout a city.


In 2004, Todd Bank was encouraged to enter his Road Ski (Trail Ski with road tires) in The Great American Tour De Sol solar and electric vehicle competition. His won the race overall with the most efficient vehicle @ 635 miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent. The next year his Land Glider was included into the Petersen Automotive Museum's permanent collection as their first fuel cell vehicle. In 2009, his Super-Light electric motorcycle was inducted into the prestigious California Automotive Museum in Sacramento.


2019, In his free time, when not making his art or electric/gravity propelled vehicle prototypes, Todd Bank road bikes, cyclo-crosses and travels to Snow Summit or Mammoth Mountain to ride his Mountain Ski (dirt) and Flow Ski (snow).






The Mountain Ski at Mammoth Mountain.jpg