Devin Bank a.k.a "DEVO"


1982, Devin began downhill dirt racing at the Victor Vincente of America Puerco (Pig) Canyon races in Malibu, California. These were the first mountain bike races anywhere! As a professional machinist and rejuvenated dirt bicycle racer, he started to design and build his own custom 24" frames, forks and tubular crank sets that could handle the dangerous stresses of the rocky and rutted race course. He also fabricated a very efficient front wheel disc brake for the super-fast speed conditions (cantilever were the only brakes used at the time). As a never ending fascination with "getting big air", jumping contests using the natural dirt cliffs of the canyon as transitional-ramps became common practice for Devin and his friends after the races were over. Mountain bike racing skyrocketed in popularity and over the next 10 years he competed at Mammoth Mountain, Big Bear and many other racing events around Southern California.


1992, now a proficient mechanical engineer, and still holding a passion for bike related innovation, Devin began designing and building the EV Warrior, an electric bicycle that was being developed by Malcolm Bricklin (Bricklin motorcar).


1994, being at the right place at the right time allowed Devin to help create what is now known as one of the largest electric bike manufacturing companies in the world. As vice president of research and development for Currie Technologies, he pioneered their electric drive systems and customer-friendly frame designs, which resulted in millions of unit sales over the years. Helping to initiate the electric bicycle market in America allowed him to grow as an EV engineer, but he say's, "Curries vehicles weren't fast enough or evolving into what I thought they could become, so I had to move on."


2010, Devin spent a few years looking for a new electric vehicle experience and finally found it at Trexa electric cars in Camarillo, California, where he still works today. As their V.P. of engineering he says, "Everyday is exciting. Trexa's enthusiasm for radical innovation and design keeps things interesting!" 2019, Devin Bank rides on dirt every chance he can on a mountain bike he designed and hand made himself, of course! 

BMX History with Devin and Todd Bank
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