Jumping on Castle Heights Avenue, 1970's BMX riding



This is a a photographic journey back into the 1970's that documents the very first BMX ramp riders, along with their pioneering of vertical BMX trick riding in skateboard parks.


From 1970-1980, the Bank brothers laid a foundation for the modern day sport of BMX freestyle riding. Many of their stunts and acrobatics were the first of their kind back then too. Here is some of their story that is told mostly through photographs taken at the various locations  around Los Angeles where traditional flat BMX riding was changing to vertical. ©


"Devin Bank getting air on Castle Heights Ave."

original black and white print taken by Todd Bank, 1975 or 76.

WALL to WALL, The Birth of the Freestyle Movement

A New Publication about the True Roots of the BMX Freestyle Movement


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The Birth of the BMX Freestyle Movement 2nd Edition, Dom Phipp

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